2020-2021 Announcements

2020-2021 Announcements


 PTA Membership and Dues: Sign up for your membership today! Membership cost is $12 / family through our Fort Lee School 1 PTA Store. You may also send in a check with your child’s name and room number, made payable to Fort Lee School 1 PTA. Thank you for your participation! Click here to join.

 Help Wanted – Class Parent Sign-Up: Class parents provide an important service to our teachers, staff, students and parents. To be a class parent, you must be able to volunteer for at least three PTA-sponsored events during the school year, facilitate communications with other class parents to help support various teacher needs and organize class parties, teacher holiday and year-end gifts.

 Once you become a member, you must register and create a login at the Fort Lee School 1 PTA Community Hub to sign up as a class parent. Once registered, click on the sign-up menu option on the left side navigation bar to find events to volunteer for, including the class parent sign-up. Click here to sign-up!

 2020-2021 BOARD MEMBERS

Tanya Byers-Kang President, Fort Lee School 1 PTA
Victoria Kim Vice-President, Fort Lee School 1 PTA
Magda Vonderlinden Treasurer, Fort Lee School 1 PTA

Vacant – Please contact President or Vice-President if you are interested in the position Secretary, Fort Lee School 1 PTA

Due to covid-19 pandemic, ways our PTA provides for staff and students will be different or limited this year but we will still show our full support for our staff and students.  The list will be updated as soon as hybrid school reopening plan is settled.

Ways Our PTA Provides for Staff:

*Teacher celebrations, breakfasts, and lunches

*Wellness Center Visits

*Support for custodial staff

*Positive parent/teacher communication

*Daily support for teachers

Ways Our PTA Provides for Students:

*Author visits

*In-house planetarium visits

*Financially supporting classroom items: rugs, shelves, games

*Folders and/or agendas for every student

*Moving Up classes receive a yearbook, t-shirt, and barbecue

*Water fountains

*Electronic sign in front of school

*Buses for field trips

*Cheerleader uniforms

*DARE basketball trip

*Upgrades to annex hallway

*Upgrades to playground