2018-2019 Announcements
Nurse - School One
Instructor: Ms. Arianna Egloff, BSN,RN,   
Welcome Back!
Welcome back!!
As summer winds down and we prepare to return to school I hope that all have had a happy, healthy and enjoyable break from the routine. 
Looking ahead to a fresh new year of learning and growing at School No. 1, I want to stress the importance of preparing your children for success and good health by providing them with healthy, nutritious meals/snacks, regular exercise and adequate sleep/rest every day! Last fall, and again in the spring, many School No.1 students were able to learn and practice just that by participating in the BOKS morning fitness program with Mr. Montorio, and Ms. Hernandez. We look forward to enjoying this valuable program with even more students this school year and beyond. (Look for the announcement in September!)

Another key factor in maintaining health and wellness, is the need to keep children home when sick. This allows for a quicker and complete recovery and can prevent others from becoming sick as well, thereby avoiding the "cycle of illness" so common in schools. Please remember to report all absences to 201-585-4620 (#1 or #2) even if you have notified the teacher.  Attendance is monitored daily for the safety of the students—we must know where they are when they are not present at school. (An answering system is available 24-7, so please feel free to call at anytime.)

Additionally, because communication between parents and school is so important to the overall safety and well-being of our children, please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone, written notes, or email, with any questions or concerns. Misunderstandings and potential problems and can be avoided through this effort. 

Finally, please know that healthy, happy children are better able to grow and learn to their fullest potential, and by working together we can make this happen!
Important notice for parents of Incoming Grade 6 students
To those families who have not submitted documentation of required Grade 6 immunizations:

Please be aware that a final reminder notice will be sent to you with your child's teacher assignment letter in late August.
You may view the form in "files" below which explains the requirement of two immunizations, Tdap and Menactra, necessary for all students before entering grade 6 in New Jersey schools.

Please attend to this requirement as s
oon as possible to avoid any delay in your child’s entrance to 6th Grade due to lack of compliance with this State of New Jersey Regulation.

Documentation of the two immunizations should be recorded on the appropriate form and sent to my attention as soon as you receive it
Thank you for your prompt attention to this important matter,
Arianna Egloff, RN