Fort Lee School #1 Library Media Center

Fort Lee School #1 Library Media Center
Posted on 04/10/2020

Welcome to your child’s Library Media Center!  My name is Mrs. Cirone and I am the School Library Media Specialist at Fort Lee Elementary School #1. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns!

Important Library Information Activities and Events

Depending on their grade level, students will be busy understanding the layout and function of the library, exploring new books, reading stories together, practicing typing skills on chromebooks, and participating in Google Classroom projects (both individual and group-based).

Types of Books Our school has a wide variety of reading material from which students can choose: picture books, young readers, fiction books, fiction series books, nonfiction books, nonfiction series books, biographies, graphic novels, and many more!

Checkout Policy

K-3rd Grade:        1 book per week 4th-6th Grade:     2 books per week

*All books need to be brought to the library on their library day to be returned or renewed.*

Overdue Books Your child will not be able to check out another library book until the late book is returned.

Lost or Damaged Books No fines are charged for overdue books. However, a replacement copy or fee will be charged for any books lost or damaged beyond repair before they are able to check out a new one or by the end of the school year. Reading at Home Research shows that reading at home is the secret ingredient to your child’s academic success! READ to them. READ with them. Listen to them READ. A child who reads for only twenty minutes is learning alone, but when you are involved...magic happens!

Is your child stuck on a word? Here are a few helpful questions: -“Sound it out.” -“Break the word into parts. Can you find any pieces that you can pronounce? Put them together.” -“Think about the story. Which word would make sense here?” -"Do the pictures give you a clue?"

Talk about their books! Ask your child questions about what they are reading. The questions are not meant to “check up” on them, but to understand their exploring: -“What do you think will happen next?” -“Does this story remind you of anything?” -“What was the most exciting part?” -“What was the problem? How did the main character solve it?” “Were you wondering about anything as you read?

I look forward to having an exciting and fun-filled year in

the library!

Contact Information

email: [email protected]

instagram: @mrscironefles1 ClassDojo: This app allows parents to view their child’s feedback points and teacher comments. Parents can initiate conversations with me through private messages. A special notice with unique code will be sent home with your child.