And The Awards Go To...

And The Awards Go To...
Posted on 12/11/2020

One teacher every year is selected from every school in the State to receive the Governor’s Educator of the Year award.  This award recognizes those outstanding teachers that provide educational excellence all year long.  This year at School 1 we are proud to announce that the School 1 Governor’s Educator of the year is …Ms. Brittany Sikoryak, 1st grade.

Brittany has been at School 1 for the past 6 years. She has taught several different grade levels all with the same outstanding success. Her dual certification has allowed her to be an inclusion teacher, a general education teacher supporting resource students, and an overall "go to" person as needed. 

There is so much I could say about Brittany Sikoryak, she is the ultimate teacher. Nothing is ever too difficult for her. She is always willing to make any necessary changes as requested. Ms. Sikoryak is always there for the kids. Whether it's designing her classroom with flexible seating or making a powerpoint to assist one student, she is always "on it.” She has a detailed plan for the year that is tightly aligned with high standards and ensures success on standardized assessments. Ms. Sikoryak implements a program that successfully develops positive interactions and social-emotional skills. She differentiates and scaffolds her instruction meeting the needs of all her students, and along with this, she is flexible about modifying lessons to take advantage of teachable moments. As this year has changed our normal procedures, Ms. Sikoryak has changed her delivery of instruction to meet all of today's challenges. Over the summer, Ms. Sikoryak spent weeks working on different schedules to meet the district's needs and to create the best possible situation for our students. Her technology skills have allowed her to come right into your home and teach your child how to read or do 2 digit math, just to mention a few parts of her day.  It’s no wonder that Brittany would be the first one to come to our minds when thinking of an outstanding teacher.  Well done and Congratulations!

Along with the Governor’s Teacher of the Year selection an Educational Support person is also selected to represent a school.  This year’s representing School 1 as the Educational Support Person is our nurse Mrs. Arianna Egloff.

Mrs. Egloff has been the main “go to” for all our medical needs during this COVID-19 environment. She has maintained all medical records for our current and new students as well as our staff of 75 people. She has been in contact with the FL health dept. for every case which includes children and adults alike. Mrs. Egloff has reported and followed through each case notifying the superintendent and the principal for any and all issues that have arrived and has met them in a professional manner in which she should be commended. Along with this, she has made herself available 24/7 always ready to answer a question or be involved. 

Mrs. Egloff's goals for the nursing program are highly appropriate to the situation in the school and to the age of the students and have been developed following consultations with students, parents and colleagues. (Meeting the needs of all) Her knowledge of governmental regulations and resources for students is extensive, including those available through the school or district and in the community. Mrs. Egloff maintains a culture in the school for health and wellness, while guided by the nurse, is maintained by both teachers and students. Her office is efficiently organized and is highly appropriate to the planned activities. Medications are properly stored and well organized. Medications are administered by her or those designated individuals, and signed release forms are conveniently stored. Mrs. Egloff also teaches those students receiving medication, for any reason, the proper way to take the medication while taking an active role in their health. 

In conclusion, Mrs. Egloff is continually seeking ways to improve the nursing program and makes changes as needed in response to student, parent or teacher input.