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            Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.  
                -John Dewey @School1Knights #KnightsNation  
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Bergen County Family Fun Fest
Calling ALL Bergen County Families!!
You are invited to JOIN US on SATURDAY, MAY 21st for an AWESOME FUN-FILLED DAY at Van Saun County Park in Paramus.
You’ll learn simple steps your family can take towards improving wellness among ALL your family members – from the youngest baby to the most treasured elder. 
You’ll ENJOY FREE train rides, FREE admission to the zoo and FREE rides on our carousel as you learn about our county parks AND all of the wonderful community resources here in Bergen County.  

Vendors & Exhibitors...
DO YOU PROVIDE a service in Bergen County aimed at promoting wellness?  If so, click the link below to register to join us as an exhibitor at the park, there is no cost to join us!!   

Elementary School PARCC Schedule




Elementary Schools


Wed, April 13: ELA Unit 1- Grade 3 & 4

Thurs, April 14 ELA Unit 2- Grade 3 & 4

Fri, April 15 : ELA Unit 3- Grade 3 & 4

Mon, April 18:   Math Unit 1 - Grade 3 & 4

Tues, April 19:Math Unit 2- Grade 3 & 4

Wed, April 20: Math Unit 3- Grade 3 & 4

Thurs, April 21: Math Unit 4- Grade 3 & 4


Fri, April 22:   ELA Unit 1- Grade 5 & 6

Mon, April 25: ELA Unit 2- Grade 5 & 6

Tues, April 26: ELA Unit 3- Grade 5 & 6

Wed, April 27:   Math Unit 1 - Grade 5 & 6

Thurs, April 28:     Math Unit 2- Grade 5 & 6

Fri, April 29:   Math Unit 3 - Grade 5 & 6

Mon, May 2:     Math Unit 4- Grade 5

All Elementary make- ups May 6 -May 13

                                                               *all dates are subject to change 
March Grade Level Updates


Kindergarten is excited for spring! We are learning many wonderful things in March. Some of the famous women our kindergarteners are learning about are: Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller, and Susan B. Anthony. In science, our students will be observing and describing a variety of common animals such as fish, birds, snails, earthworms, and isopods. They will have the opportunity to observe these animals in our own classroom-created habitats where they will also learn how to care for them. In math, we continue to further our understanding of higher numbers over 10. As well as learning more about adding and subtracting, our students are learning how to compose and decompose numbers 11 to 19. In reading, our students are learning how to read nonfiction texts and identify information learned from nonfiction books. They continue to read in small groups and learn new sight words each week. In writing, our wonderful kindergarteners are learning the characteristics of informational writing so that they can create their own all-about book. They are on their way to being fantastic writers! Finally, our students are looking forward to spending some time with their sixth grade buddies on a spring egg hunt.  This surely will be an unforgettable moment in their lives.



The rigor of our studies in first grade has not been as mild as the recent winter weather. First graders continue to work diligently to master concepts and skills in all academic areas. In phonics, students continue to practice their vowel sounds and are trying to spell words with different spelling patterns. During shared reading, the students have learned to identify the various features of nonfiction text such as: table of contents, captions, labels, glossary, charts, and boldface print. Several different strategies such as Post-It notes and bookmarks, and graphic organizers such as Venn Diagrams and Description Wheels have been used to enable students to recall information found in fiction and nonfiction literature. Dr. Seuss was honored on March 2nd, which is his birthday and Read Across America Day, when many students wore special Cat in the Hat hats and promised to read daily. First graders have continued to write personal narratives as well as “How To” pieces. They are currently working on researching and writing biography reports on famous men and women. Historical and well-known men and women have also been addressed during Social Studies. Abraham Lincoln and George Washington decorated the classrooms and hallways in honor of these two significant presidents. Other figures including Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Barack Obama, and George Washington Carver were discussed as part of our February Black History Month unit. Students are currently learning about women who made positive contributions such as Betsy Ross, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Clara Barton during March Women’s History Month. Students have learned about different groups they belong to including their family group. They also learned the difference between wants and needs, so feel free to remind them of that the next time they say they “need” the latest toy at the store. Students appeared surprised to learn about the process of how certain products get to the stores. During science, first graders continued their study of earth materials, and realized how many things in their community are made from them. Many students even made their own clay beads! They did several investigations on soil including making a class homemade soil recipe using sand, gravel, pebbles, and humus. Some concepts in math that they have worked on include comparing numbers using greater than, less than, and equal to, putting numbers in order, determining one more, one less, ten more, ten less using a hundred chart, adding tens mentally, and adding 2-digit numbers. Students and staff are looking forward to spring, spring holidays, spring break, and all the learning that will continue to occur the remainder of the year in all of our first grade classrooms!



As spring approaches, our second graders have wrapped up learning about air and weather in science. We are saving some fun outdoor activities for this unit to do at the end of the school year. We will be starting the next science unit entitled: Insects and Plants. In social studies, we are currently learning about goods and services and how they are brought to us.  During this unit we will be welcoming any interested parents  into our classrooms to explain the business in which they are involved. In math, students have been exposed to place value up to 1,000 as we begin to add and subtract three-digit numbers. This marking period we will also be covering the concepts of geometry and introducing the value of coins. We will be able to apply the economic principles learned in social studies to real-world math problems that require students to count money. In reading and writing our students continue to be disciplined with daily assignment as well as trying to build stamina with longer periods of reading. The children have continued developing and growing their typing and computer skills through conducting research for our nonfiction animal reports using the Chromebooks. Cursive writing has also been introduced and the children are currently working on forming lowercase letters and simple words. Wishing all of you a very Happy Spring!



Our third grade superstars are soaring through third grade! We are working hard on so many new and exciting topics! In math we are continuing to explore and understand fractions and their relation to other fractions. In literacy we are continuing to study and understand elements of reading and writing. In reading we are pulling evidence from the text to support our ideas. We are working on themes in literature and understanding how stories develop and show common themes. Some classes are working on opinion writing and some are working on responding to nonfiction in writing. The students have been typing away on the chromebooks as frequently as possible. In science we are just finishing up our study on water and moving into an exciting unit called Structures of Life! We will be learning all about different organisms! Currently in social studies we are understanding our economy. We are learning about money and how businesses work.



Spring is almost here so we are anxiously awaiting the sunshine, blue skies, and beautiful weather. In math, we just finished working on different aspects of fractions: adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions. Next, we will be looking at the relationships between fractions and decimals by comparing numbers to two decimal places, and ordering decimals from greatest to least. Students are applying their knowledge of place value in order to make these determinations. In language arts, we are continuing to build our vocabulary muscles by learning new words through our exploration of reading a variety of genre and writing about what we are reading. Students should continue to read nightly in order to improve their reading and writing skills. In social studies, we are continuing our study of America’s past by answering the essential questions: “What British actions angered the colonists in the 1700’s?” and “What were the arguments for and against colonial independence from Great Britain?” We are discovering how the Loyalists and Patriots viewed the movement to separate from Great Britain. Additionally, in March, we are celebrating Women’s History Month with our biography book reports and presentations! In science, we are learning about rocks, minerals, air, and soil.  We will be learning that minerals are nonliving solid materials from the earth that have properties such as luster, color, and hardness by classifying different objects.  Also, we will learn that some rocks form inside the earth, others form under lakes and oceans, and others form when the heat and pressure inside the earth change other rocks. Soil is made up of minerals, rocks, and dead plants and animals. We are preparing our students for the upcoming PARCC test. Students should continue to practice their keyboarding skills in order to be prepared for the upcoming testing. Please make sure that all students get enough rest and eat a healthy breakfast during the testing window in order to be the best they can be physically and academically! Happy Spring!


Fifth grade science students have been studying various forms of weather on our earth.

They have also been studying about space stations and astronauts from around the world that have lived in space. Additionally, they have been learning about the five different layers of our atmosphere from the troposphere through the exosphere. We will soon be working with weather instruments which include thermometers, barometers, hygrometers, anemometers, and wind meters. In social studies, students have been learning about the Civil War. They have read about and investigated key battles of the war, including the Battle of Gettysburg and the Battle of Antietam. Students have discussed combat conditions, military tactics, medical care and conditions on the home front while contrasting the Confederacy versus the Union. Additionally, they've delved into the novel Behind Rebel Lines by Seymour Reit, an incredible true story of Emma Edwards, a Civil War spy. Students compared and contrasted characters and created their own character trait booklet identifying specific traits by utilizing text evidence from the story. Furthermore, students have been learning about the hardships former slaves faced while moving forward with their lives after slavery. Going forward students will be learning about the industrial revolution and how it changed the United States while aiding in building a global economy. In math, students have spent the last month working on fractions. We have added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided fractions. The students have been simplifying, rounding, and finding equivalent fractions. We are continuing to solve multi-step word problems that are aligned with the PARCC test. In late January we began working with PARCC workbooks, reviewing skills the students have learned, as well as introduced to new concepts. The workbook assists students with reinforcing the format they will have to utilize to solve and explain how students have formulated their answers to problems on the PARCC test. In addition to our PARCC review four days per week, we are  learning and mastering new math skills and concepts. In reading each class is focused on utilizing reading strategies such as context clues, rereading, visualizing, character analysis, note-taking, making connections, summarizing, identifying text structure, and vocabulary study. We have been discussing the point of view of the author, author's purpose, genre, and facts versus opinions. Some of the novels fifth graders are reading include: The Devil's Arithmetic, The Girl Who Owned A City, and Trumpet of the Swans. In the next few weeks the entire fifth grade will be reading the novel Maniac Magee.



Happy Spring from the sixth grade! Things are warming up outside and inside the classroom as the students spring into learning. Was Alexander the Great really all that great? That's the question the students will research and explore in social studies now that they have completed their study of Earth's Natural Wonders, such as Victoria Falls, The Grand Canyon, and The Great Barrier Reef. In science, we have completed our study of weather and water and will begin to explore the diversity of life from single cells to complex organisms. To wrap up our reading of the amazing book, Number the Stars by Lois Lowry, students are researching individuals who have made a significant impact on social injustices throughout history from Women's to Civil Rights both in and out of this country. Students will use their research to argue what responsibility and impact one person or group of people can have on social injustice.  In math, students are continuing to study geometry and build spatial awareness skills. On March 14th, they will celebrate Pi Day by bringing in a variety of pies to measure (using Pi, of course) and enjoy. What a delicious treat!



In physical education, the BOKS program has teamed up with the PTA to host a FUNdraiser to raise money for the PTA, the BOKS program, and for a local animal rescue! This will be our 2nd Annual Color Crazy Run and it will be held here in Fort Lee. This event will be happening on Sunday, June 5, 2016. We feel that this will really bring our school community together as well as raise money for a great cause. The cost is only $15 per person! You can register here: https://www.schoolno1boks.weebly.com . Follow the link to register or volunteer!

Also, our sixth grade basketball and cheerleading teams have been training hard for the Buda's Basketball Classic which will be held on March 31st and April 1st. Our game on the 31st is at 6:30 pm! See you all there!

     In library, kindergarten and first grade students are reading Dr. Seuss stories, St. Patrick’s Day stories, and spring stories! Second graders are reading James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl for our first novel study. Third grade students are enjoying Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamillo as a read-aloud. Fourth graders are reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Fifth and sixth graders are learning more about the research process by using World Book Online. March also means it is time for our own version of March Madness: School One Library Book Bracket 2016. The top 16 most-circulated books made up our “Sweet Sixteen” for our school bracket, and each week fifth and sixth grade students vote for their favorite books in library on Google Forms to advance those titles to the next round. We will know our School One Champion on April 1, 2016!

In art, kindergarten students have been introduced to color theory and are also learning how to paint and mix colors. The first and second graders are creating projects that show textures with the use of various mediums. The third grade students are working on a project that is inspired by Paul Klee's “Castle and Sun.”  The fourth graders are learning about the relationship between space and proportion and how create the illusion of space in different ways. The fifth grade students are finishing up their comic strip project and will be creating clay models out of their characters. The sixth graders are learning about perspective and will design an interior/exterior space using one-point perspective.

In music, the kindergarten classes have begun learning how to perform on Orff xylophones as well as singing songs with a wider vocal range. First grade has been learning about tempo, dynamics and expression in music through new songs, movement and technology. Second graders are deeply immersed into reading musical notation on the treble staff and are moving into more advanced classroom instrument repertoire. Third graders are continuing to expand their recorder range with new notes and articulations, as well as working toward more advanced belt songs. Fourth graders are learning a cumulative recorder piece combining  rhythm, articulations, and notation learned so far this year. Fifth graders are exploring the historical aspects of African-American music as well as its influence on modern music such as hip hop, rock and jazz. Sixth graders are learning about music on the stage such as: ballet, musicals, and opera. Students are learning about their similarities, differences and what aspects go into creating stories through music.

In Spanish, the fifth grade students learned about clothing in Spanish in February. One of their favorite words in Spanish was el abrigo (the coat). The sixth grade students learned about hair colors and styles in Spanish. One of their favorite words from the lesson was el pelo rizado (curly hair). Both fifth and sixth grade students created an online dictionary using Chromebooks. In the month of March, the fifth grade students are learning about animals in Spanish. One of their favorite words in Spanish is el perro (the dog). The students shared about their favorite animals as well as their pets. The sixth grade students are learning about geography and landforms in Spanish. One of their favorite words from this lesson is la montaña (the mountain). Both fifth and sixth grade students created online projects using Chromebooks.

OverDrive: eBooks in the Library!

Our district has just started an eBook collection using the OverDrive database. OverDrive is our new online platform for eBooks and audiobooks offering popular new titles, downloadable to Chromebook, Kindle, iPad, and other readers and devices.


Once logged in, students can start reading at school and continue where they left off on their device at home. Older children are able to borrow chapter books and high-interest nonfiction. Parents and teachers  can also log in to allow younger children to view and listen to read-alouds.


Please go to: http://flboe.lib.overdrive.com/ and follow these directions:

  1. Once at the Fort Lee  OverDrive site, please choose “School Number 1” from the drop-down menu.

  2. Enter your child’s ID number (coming home with your child).

  3. Once logged in, your child may browse and borrow up to three books. Please only borrow one book at a time as these titles are shared by students in all four elementary schools.

    1. If a book is already borrowed by another student, you child can “Place a Hold” and it will appear in their checkout account once it is available.

  4. Go to “Account” to read books. Please choose the “Read in Browser” option and enjoy!

TumbleBooksLibrary is an online collection of animated, talking picture books which teach young children the joys of reading in a format they'll love. This is for all of School One to enjoy! You can visit the link below to log in to read stories. Also, if you click on the "Library Media Center" tab on the left-hand side of the screen, a "Book of the Day" is featured.


username: britton
password: books

School One 2014-2015 Educational Services Professional of the Year
My name is Michelle Baker and as the 2014-2015 Educational Services Professional of the year I am ecstatic to share my role in the school setting, and gratitude for this recognition.  I am a pediatric occupational therapist and have worked in the Fort Lee school district since January of 2009.  I received my undergraduate degree from the University of New York at Buffalo and my Masters in Occupational Therapy from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale.  I have been practicing as a pediatric occupational therapist in both school-based and early intervention for 14 years. One of my most influential professional experiences was the two years I spent in Dublin, Ireland working at St. Joseph's School for the Visually Impaired.  This school is the only school in Ireland for blind and visually-impaired children and provides services from infancy up to 20 years of age.  It was an amazing experience professionally, culturally, and personally.  One of my favorite aspects of school-based therapy is the collaboration with teachers and administration. Occupational therapy services can be supportive to children of all ages and abilities and many tenets of OT practice can be integrated into the classroom.  The teachers of Fort Lee have welcomed these suggestions and have made occupational therapy part and parcel of their classroom programs.  Thank you School 1 staff for the recognition and support!
School One 2014-2015 Governor's Teacher of the Year
We are proud to announce that Ms. Lisandra Hernandez is this year's Teacher of the Year for School #1.  As a Music teacher, Ms. Hernandez continually challenges her students and herself by selecting musical pieces that are engaging, entertaining, and also stretches the musical abilities of her students. Her use of technology in her classes through the SmartBoard, interactive websites, and games enhance the learning activities.
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