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            Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.  
                -John Dewey @School1Knights #KnightsNation  
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November Grade Level Updates


We are so excited about all the the fun things that we have been doing in Kindergarten! In Phonics, students have begun identifying sounds and learning letter formation for numerous letters in the alphabet.  In Reading, students have learned about how to care for books, identify titles, authors, and illustrators.  They have also learned how to make predictions through titles and covers.  In Writing, they have begun writing in their journals about things they like which has been very exciting as they have become their own authors and illustrators!  In Math, we have been working with reading, writing, and counting numbers 0-10.  In Science, we had fun learning about apples, pumpkins, and the Fall.  In Social Studies, we are learning about Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Lastly, students will be making hats to bring with them to our annual Thanksgiving Feast which will be here in a few weeks!



First graders have been working hard to improve their skills. They have reviewed the consonant sounds and will begin an in-depth study of short vowels. Most classes have started a monthly themed reading log with class goals to encourage independent reading and improve reading skills. Students have been working on addition and subtraction strategies, and problem solving in Math. They have taken on the role of authors and illustrators by using the writing process to write personal narratives and several short books. During Science, students have learned about balance by using counterweights to keep objects such as a crayfish stable. They have also made their own mobiles. They have learned about respecting themselves and others, and have even cooperatively created posters with Anti-Bullying messages. Classes have learned about Veterans Day through activities such as literature, songs, poems, and soldier projects. We also honored our veterans with a “Wall of Heroes” display. Thanksgiving projects such as books about the first Thanksgiving and turkeys are already hanging as a reminder of the upcoming holiday and all that the students have to be grateful for in their lives!



The second-graders are completing unit 2 in reading and writing. The children are well entrenched in the classroom routines. With new technology in our classes, our students are learning in new and fascinating ways. As the first marking period is ending soon, it is our hope that  our students in second grade continue to grow and learn.



There are BIG happenings in third grade! We have started multiplication (Topic 4) in Math, and that is BIG! Please review the facts each night because that is the only way to memorize them.We are reading about the first Thanksgiving, and will be doing a story map and writing about the Pilgrims journey and how the Native Americans helped them survive. Our stories will be hanging in the hallway on our bulletin board. Down come the Halloween ghosts and up go the turkeys!



Good Vibrations are happening throughout the 4th grade.  We studied and analyzed the importance and impact of Sound throughout our lives.  In Social Studies, we are stepping back in time to study the Colonial Life of boys and girls.  In our small group reading centers we are focusing on integral higher-level reading skills such as main idea and supporting details, and predicting, as well as continually refining our grammar and spelling skills.  Halloween was a blast and the students are looking forward to our upcoming Thanksgiving projects and activities!       



Math is off to a great start!  We have reviewed many older topics during the month of September to refresh their skills, for example rounding and estimating whole numbers and decimals.  We are continuing with multiplication, division, and incorporating open-ended questions as well.  The students are also practicing PARCC like questions to prepare for the new state test this year.  Our goal is to have students become proficient in explaining exactly how to solve problems.  The class is on their way to becoming excellent math students.

           In science the students are studying about classification of animals including vertebrates and invertebrates.  The students are researching on the laptops daily unusual animals such as sponges, hydras, arthropods, starfish, worms, sharks, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and many fascinating vertebrates and invertebrates.  The students are also continuing to present amazing weekly presentations on various different and exciting topics, including experiments to make learning in science fun!

           In social studies we began the year discussing pathfinders and pioneers such as Daniel Boone, Meriwether Lewis, and William Clark.  This led us into learning about the settles in the Northwest Territory and eventually the War of 1812.  Students were then extremely excited to read about the Industrial Revolution and how this time led to many great inventions, many we still use today!  Furthermore, our 5th grade students are lucky enough to be able to help pilot the new social studies program which includes brand new textbooks and an online component to help with instruction.  So far so good with the new program and here are few quotes from students so far!!!: “I really like the text book because it is well organized”. “I like the way the subtitles tell us exactly what each section is about”. We look forward to exploring this new text, while connecting both reading and writing to meet the Common Core Content Standards.

           In reading the entire 5th grade is working on skills such as character analysis, making inferences, making connections, and making predictions.  The grade is split into reading groups and some of the novels that are being read are: The Devil’s Arithmetic, The Summer of the Swans, and James and the Giant Peach.  The 5th grade also embodies the Good Habits, Great Readers program and the skills taught through this program into the novels that we read.  Language arts has involved Wordly Wise practice to help build vocabulary and spelling, as well as learning about nouns and verbs in sentences.

           The 5th grade is a great group of children with lots of enthusiasm and even more potential.  We are off to a great start!!



The sixth graders are definitely enjoying being the "Seniors" at School One.  Many new children have entered our class from other schools.  We are busy learning new Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Reading. Our Chromebooks allow us to stretch into new arenas. In addition, we are participating in the Kindergarten Buddies program, and recently helped the little people decorate pumpkins for Halloween. We're looking forward to the upcoming holiday season!



In physical education, students are learning about great exercises and healthy habits while having fun before school begins in our BOKS program. Over 100 students have been participating! We have two groups: BOKS (grades 2-6) and a BOKS Jr. (grades K-1).

In library, students have read books about going back to school, Halloween, and autumn. Soon we will be reading Thanksgiving and holiday books! Also, students are learning how to log onto computers and access TypingWeb. Students in grades 5 and 6 have been writing blog posts about different topics. Students in grades 4 through 6 just learned about Google Classrooms and have been working on assignments while in the library.

In art, the students in all grade levels have been learning about the elements of art such as colors, lines, and shapes and have been creating amazing projects! The kindergarten students explored using paint and mixing colors for the first time. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders have been studying about famous artist's like Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Vincent van Gogh. The 5th graders just finished up a contour line project and will be studying about George Seurat and Pointillism. The 6th graders have been working hard designing and painting unique color wheels.

In music, classes are busy composing, reading notation and playing music together. Our chorus is busy rehearsing for the Holiday concert on December 12 at FLHS and our Recorder Karate Program is in full swing. In addition, classes began preparing for our annual Holiday Assembly!
  In Spanish, 3rd grade students are learning about rooms of the house. One of their favorite activities is when they are shown an object and the students have to tell which room it belongs in. In 4th grade, the students are learning about action verbs. This monrth, the students will demonstrate the action verb and their classmates will identify the action in Spanish. For our Thanksgiving activity, the students will be coloring a turkey in Spanish.
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Students in grades 3-6 have been practicing their typing skills by utilizing the website typingweb.com. Students are able to complete practice courses and typing tests to develop their skills in preparation for the upcoming PARCC test. In order to enhance their typing skills, we are asking that students also practice at home or at the local library. All students need to log in using their student ID as both username and password in order for teachers to track their progress and assess their growth throughout the year. A notice will be coming home with students to help them log in at home.

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