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Plant Sale for Mother's Day on May 8th and 9th all plants will cost between $1.00 and $10.00
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District Announcements
Amended School Calendar for 2013-2014

The School Calendar has been amended to make up snow days for the 2013-2014 school year. All schools will be open on Saturday, March 22nd and Saturday, March 29th  and all students should report to their respective school at 8:00 a.m. and will be dismissed at 12 noon. All schools will be operating on a full-day schedule on Monday, April 14th and Tuesday, April 15th. Students will be exempt for religious observance during scheduled school days, provided the parent notifies the principal. [More Information]
School One News
Governor's Teacher of the Year
School 1 is really excited as Ms. Amy Grossmann, 4th grade inclusion teacher, has been selected as the Bergen County Governor's teacher of the Year from Fort Lee.  Ms. Grossmann will be attending a luncheon on  Thursday, May 29, 2014 at The Fiesta.
4th grade MOCK TRAIL
The Mock Trial case entitled "My Son Does Arson?" which was submitted to the New Jersey Law Center contest by the grade four students of School No. 1 has received first place honors this year!

The fourth grade students have been invited to perform a skit of their winning case at the New Brunswick Law Center on May 27Th for an audience of peers from other school districts.  An actual judge will be presiding over the cases being presented.

The grade 3 G&T students from School No. 1 are invited to participate as audience jury members!  This will provide a unique opportunity for the third grade students to be engaged in aspects of the legal process while supporting fellow students.  It will also help them decide if they would like to participate in this contest next year as fourth graders.
DARE Basketball
Congratulations to our School 1 DARE team in defeating School 4 on Friday evening at the DARE Tournament. Score 36-24. #KnightsNation
Brain Pop
School One would like to thank the Fort Lee Education Foundation for providing us with 1 year of Brain Pop! Brain Pop is an animated educational site for students. It covers all content areas including ESL. It also provides homework help, leveled quizzes, games, and activities for kids. It is an exceptional resource for teachers. All students can log-on using their provided log-on and password. 
What's Happening In G&T
5th and 6th grade G&T students had a visit from Mayor Mark Sokolich and Victor Cividini on December 11th. Mr.Cividini from SJP Developers (in relation to redevelopment Area #5) visited the students to share with them basic knowledge of the current development site in order to understand the possible effects that the development may have on the town of Fort Lee. This was necessary as teams will be created to design the most innovative, yet functional ¨seating" product for the specified area within the new development. Stayed tuned to see the evolution of this project.
BOKS Program
     School No. 1 PTA is proud to announce the BOKS Program. It will begin in October of this year with Mr. T. and Mrs.Cuccaro as advisors. We will be running two sessions this year. Each Session will be 36 classes and each class will run from 7:15 to 8:15A.M.
Session 1 will begin on October 21, 2013 and runs three days a week up until January 29th, 2014.
Session 2 will run from February 24 to May 30th, 2014 also three days a week. There is only a $70.00 enrollment fee per student to join for each session. This includes all 36 classes in that session. 
Registration will begin on October 2, 2013. If you would like to register you can fill out the registration form and bring it to school with a check made out to “School No. 1 PTA”.  Visit the BOKS website: bokskids.org for more information
School Performance Report
The School Performance Reports were developed with the input of stakeholders across the state and provide a significant amount of new data to present a more complete picture of school performance, with the ultimate aim to help schools and stakeholders engage in local goal setting and improvement. Among others, this includes metrics at all grade levels to identify the extent of which students are demonstrating skills and behaviors indicative of college and career readiness.
The State Department of Education has set statewide performance targets, School 1 is proud to share our 2012-2013 results with you.
School 1’s Academic Performance is VERY HIGH when compared to schools across the state. Additionally, its Academic Performance is VERY HIGH when compared to its peers. Our school’s College and Career readiness is about Average when compared to schools across the state. Additionally, its College and Career readiness is High when compared to its peers. Our Student Growth Performance is Very High when compared to schools across the state. Additionally, our Student Growth Performance is Very High when compared to its peers.
School 1 outperformed 93% of the schools statewide and 99% of schools educating students with similar demographic characteristics in the performance area of Academic Achievement. Additionally, school 1 is meeting 100% of its performance targets in the area of Academic Achievement. (Academic Achievement measures the content knowledge students have in language arts literacy and math).
School 1 outperformed 51% of schools statewide and 61% of schools educating students with similar demographic characteristics in the performance area of College and Career Readiness. (College and Career Readiness measures the degree to which students are demonstrating behaviors that are indicative of future attendance and/or success in college and careers. For All elementary and middle schools, this includes a measurement of how many students are chronically absent)
School 1 outperformed 100% of schools statewide and 100% of schools educating students with similar demographic characteristics in the performance area of Student Growth. Additionally, School 1 is meeting 100% of its performance targets in the area of Student Growth. (Student Growth measures the performance of students from one year to the next on the NJASK in Language Arts and Math when compared to students with a similar history of performance on NJASK)
Congratulations to the highly effective professional teaching staff at School 1 for their unwavering commitment to excellence in education, as well as our dedicated and motivated students’ performance.
 Well Done.

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