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            Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.  
                -John Dewey @School1Knights #KnightsNation  
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School One Receives "Little Free Library" from FLHS National Honor Society
The National Honor Society has long been known as an organization that values scholarship, leadership, service, and character among its members. Each year local chapters select community projects that reflect these four pillars, and seek to fill a need within the greater community. This year’s cohort of students worked on a year long project dedicated to supporting community literacy during the summer months. The students assembled, decorated, and dedicated four “Little Free Library” lending libraries to each of the local elementary schools just in time for summer vacation. Each Little Free Library will allow school aged children access to reading materials all summer long, even if they are not able to get to the town’s public library. The Little Free Library program was started as a passion project 2009 with one free standing library in Hudson, Wisconsin. Since that time the program has become an international, non-profit with libraries spanning the globe. The mission of the Little Free Library program is “To promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide and to build a sense of community as we share skills, creativity and wisdom across generations.” Little Free Library How it Works: “Take a Book - Return a Book” “A Little Free Library is a “take a book, return a book” free book exchange. They come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common version is a small wooden box of books. Anyone may take a book or bring a book to share. If you want to give a few books, simply put them in a Little Free Library book exchange near you.” Students and families are encouraged to share books they love with the local community by donating well loved copies. Little Free Libraries require no library card, no book fines, and no limits on how many books can be borrowed at time. Each local library at Schools 1, 2, 3 , and 4 were designed in conjunction with the building librarians and principals to reflect the interests and values of each building and local community. Members of the the Fort Lee community are encouraged to peek inside the libraries this summer when they are traveling around town, and see what each unique library has to offer. Books can be borrowed from one library and returned to another. The only rules of the Little Free Library system are to be kind to the lending libraries, and to leave as much as you take. Each local Little Free Library has a unique charter number that will be added to the international Little Free Library locator map. Book drives and donation days will be sustained by future National Honor Society cohorts to maintain the initiative. For more information about the Little Free Library project please go to www.littlefreelibrary.org or contact Ms. Baker at bbaker@flboe.com.

Friday, June 24th: Sixth Grade Moving Up Ceremony- 10am *date change


In reading, students are continuing to read independently and are learning about reading strategies such as identifying the character in a story as well as determining if stories are realistic or fantasy. In addition, students are continuing to learning about word families and identifying beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Students are also writing simple sentences and decoding sounds. In math, students are continuing to learn about shapes and solid figures. Did you know that some solid figures roll and some slide? In social studies, kindergarten will be reading and doing wonderful activities about Memorial Day. Also students will be learning about maps and transportation, as well as learning about needs and wants and how important recycling is. In kindergarten, every day is earth day! In science, kindergarten is learning about land snails and earthworms. The students are hands on and get to explore these interesting ground animals. Did you know there are two types of earthworms? The small worms are called red worms, and the large worms are called night crawlers. Wow! Don’t forget that the kindergarten students are working hard to practice for their annual kindergarten show. This year, our theme is “Go for the Gold” to celebrate the 2016 Olympics which will be held in Rio, Brazil! Their artwork will be displayed for all parents to see and you will get to see your child perform for the show. Please save the date for Thursday, June 16th!


First graders are excited to finally have felt some spring temperatures giving warmth to the numerous spring projects that have been created for classroom and hallway displays. Students continue to grow like plants emotionally and academically as they prepare to enter second grade in the fall. During the month of April, students learned about and recognized Earth Day. They know they can help the Earth by reducing, recycling, and reusing things. In phonics, most students have become vowel experts, and are now reviewing various blends and digraphs. Students used visualization techniques and learned to examine and evaluate the characters in a story in shared reading. This will enable them to connect even further to their reading. Students wrote narratives by creating their own settings, characters, problems, and solutions. They learned the important parts of a book review. They also evaluated nonfiction and wrote nonfiction book reports after reading and choosing important facts in nonfiction books. First graders learned to tell time to the hour and half hour, and how to use data from graphs and charts during their math lessons. Students learned about historical symbols such as the flag, White House, Liberty Bell, and Statue of Liberty during social studies. During science, students learned the parts of a plant, what plants need to live and grow, as well as how new plants can come from old ones. They grew rye grass and alfalfa, and were amazed to see wheat growing from seeds in straws. Some classes are still waiting for potatoes to grow from chunks of potatoes with nodes planted in soil. They are learning that terrariums are small gardens, and that plants and animals can get what they need from them. Students have their own class terrariums. First graders honored their mothers by making special Mother’s Day projects or buying plants for them. First grade classes visited the Franklin Mineral Museum. They saw rocks from around the world, fossils, and various artifacts. They learned about mining rocks and even had the opportunity to collect some rocks of their own. In addition, many students saw the rocks that they collected glow under a blacklight. It was a fun-filled learning experience for all. The lessons in all academic areas have been enhanced by the interactive images that are projected by projectors that had been recently installed in first grade classrooms. Students are looking forward to Memorial Day activities, School One’s Field Day, and School One’s Color Crazy Run/Walk. In June when our learning for this academic year is done, first graders and first grade staff members wish all School One’s families a restful summer that is safe and fun!    



As we get ready to close another school year, it has truly been our pleasure to teach your children. Your children have worked incredibly hard this year, and shown tremendous growth! As we approach the end of our school year, students in second grade will be enjoying games and interactive learning activities using our new classroom projectors. We will be wrapping up our last few units in reading and writing where students will be evaluating the themes of texts and producing persuasive writing pieces. In math, students will be working with the skills of measurement, time, and data collection. These units lend themselves to several interactive and hands-on learning experiences.  They will also be exposed to the third grade concepts of multiplication and division. In science, students are exploring a variety of insects and their corresponding life cycles and habitats.  In social studies students will be researching how communities grow and change over time. Your children continue to work hard at learning typing skills in preparation for next year and beyond. Please support your child in continuing to practice these skills over the summer, using typing web or another typing program so their skills do not fall behind. As our second graders get ready for third grade, learning multiplication facts through fives would be helpful for them. As always, continue to read over the summer! Your children should be able to access their Raz- Kids student accounts over the summer months. Wishing you all a wonderful, relaxed and fun-filled summer!


We can't believe it is May already! This year flew by and these third graders are now almost fourth graders! Students did a great job on PARCC testing. They have been working so hard while eagerly gaining more responsibilities in the classroom. Some exciting things we have been working on include biographies, biome projects, reading clubs, and much more! We started learning about explorers in social studies, too. Most classes are planning fun end of the year activities. Some of these activities include a class picnic, extended recess day, and movie day! This year has been a blast! We hope everyone has a wonderful and enjoyable summer!


The final weeks are upon us and boy are they busy for the fourth graders! We finished our PARCC assessment in the beginning of May. The students met the challenge head on and did a fabulous job. We visited the Newark Museum on May 18th and participated in the programs Dynamic Earth and Early America. Dynamic Earth led students through the formation of our planet using short films, lectures, and hands-on activities. Students traveled back to Early America by visiting a one room schoolhouse, writing with ink & quills, and exploring a Victorian home owned by the Ballantine Family. It was an informative and festive day. Back in the classroom, we are learning about the American Revolution and the foundations of our government. In math, measurement and geometry is being taught and in science, we tended to goldfish, guppies, snails, mealworms and isopods. Students observed them through their various life and death stages. We are now also prepping for the Science NJASK assessment to be taken on May 25th. June will be busy with another trip to Van Cortlandt Manor in the historic Hudson Valley experiencing a true working 18th century farm. We are looking forward to warmer weather, Field Day, trips, and of course summer. Please remember to read, read, read over the summer!    



The fifth grade will be ending the year with many more science experiments and explorations. We will be focusing on various living systems. Students will learn about the human digestive system, plant vascular systems, the human circulatory system, the human respiratory system, and structures of the brain. Students will be engaged through research and hands-on experiments to further their understanding of such topics. We will also continue the use of technology related to all living systems in order to enhance student learning related to all aspects of science. In social studies we will be learning about the modern United States which encompasses the 20th century to the present. We will be examining the causes of World War I and learning how the Allied and Central forces fought to gain or maintain control throughout the war. Additionally, students will learn about the challenges and hopes for immigrants, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement, 9/11, and its aftermath, as well as the growth of the Information Age. Finally, we will analyze and discuss the many ways we can all contribute to being good citizens of the United States of America. In addition, students will research various topics as they utilize technology and writing skills to express their knowledge and understanding of these topics. It has been a fun year learning many interesting topics in American History! In math, were well prepared for our testing week and jumped right back into solving algebraic expressions. Wow! This is more fun than fractions!  As the school year starts to wind down, we will review geometry, line plots, and complete the topic on “Stepping Up to Sixth Grade.” With any time, we will learn about positive and negative integers. In reading, the entire fifth grade is finishing Maniac McGee by Jerry Spinelli. We have enjoyed following this hilarious and hopeful story of a boy who becomes a legend while navigating the darker side of human relations. Through his challenges, Maniac continues to remind us that change is always possible. Going forward Ms. Borkowski’s class will be reading Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl, Ms. Kulak’s class will be reading The Giver by Lois Lowry and Ms. Cassavell’s class will be reading The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen. Through these novels we will continue to analyze many literary devices and elements of text such as metaphors, similes, cliffhangers, personification, symbolism, themes, point of view, tone, characterization, conflict, and plot structure. We hope you all have a wonderful summer!



We are continuing to learn new things and challenge our ideas through a variety of projects and activities. In math, students are working in teams on a restaurant project: building menus, calculating prices and gratuity, and comparing costs. The election continues to be a hot-button topic in social studies as students create a Google Slides presentation comparing the pros and cons of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the five main issues in the 2016 election. In reading, everyone is enjoying the exciting book, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. They are exploring the world of the Greek gods and goddesses in modern times through the eyes of a 12-year-old demigod named Percy. To wrap up their biology unit in science, students are working in teams to determine the organelles, origin, and the potential threat of an "alien" cell. Each team is exploring prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and creating two presentations to present their findings and recommendations. This time of the year is packed full of excitement and interesting activities for our soon to be graduates. In June, they are looking forward to the sixth grade barbeque, the Spirit Cruise on the Hudson, and of course, the graduation preparations and ceremony.    



In library, kindergarten and first grade students have been reading different books by the same authors each week. Kindergarteners are meeting colorful characters by Eric Carle while first graders are learning all about Leo Lionni. Second, third, and fourth grade students are continuing their literary journeys with their read-alouds. Second graders are exploring the magical world of James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. Third graders are laughing while reading Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamillo. Fourth graders are having a great time discussing Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Fifth and sixth grade students are finishing the year with a partner research project using Google Slides. Fifth graders are learning about a Caldecott-winning author, while sixth graders are researching a Newbery-winning author. Students are able to get creative and show off their technology skills for our last project of the year! All students are looking forward to a visit from Sarah Pardi, the Fort Lee Children’s Librarian, from June 21st-June 23rd. Ms. Pardi will explain all about this year’s summer reading program at the Fort Lee Public Library. I hope you all have a great summer READING!!

In art, kindergarten students have been learning about famous artists and creating projects inspired by the artists' work. They are also exploring the use of paint, mixing new colors, and learning about various techniques. First, third, fourth, and fifth grade have been introduced to form (three-dimensional objects), one of the elements of art. The first graders are creating 3D goldfish bowls inspired by Henri Matisse and the third graders have been working on a paper sculpture of a bouquet of flowers.The fourth grade students are learning about gesture drawing and will be creating Giacometti inspired sculptures and the fifth graders have transformed their 2D characters into 3D clay characters. The second grade student have been introduced to abstract art, creating works that mimic the style of Jackson Pollack. The sixth grade students will be introduced to art from different cultures and will be exploring various techniques used to create their work.

In music, sixth graders are beginning to prepare music for their Moving Up Ceremony in June. This will be their final performance as a group here at School One. Our spring concert will be next week on May 24th at 7pm in the auditorium of FLHS. It will feature our Chorus, Strings, Band, and Recorder Ensemble. We will be performing classical music from Beethoven, Mozart, and Handel as well as pop favorites and the theme from Star Wars. Next Thursday, May 26th, Select Chorus will join 6,000 students from New York and New Jersey in a mass concert at the Prudential Center for American Young Voices.

In Spanish, the fifth grade students continued learning about animals in Spanish. One of their favorite words in Spanish was el pez dorado (the goldfish). The students shared about their favorite animals as well as their pets. The sixth grade students continued learning about geography and landforms in Spanish. One of their favorite words from this lesson was la isla (the island). Both fifth and sixth grade students created online projects using Chromebooks. In the month of May, the fifth grade students are learning about nature and things related to a picnic in Spanish. One of their favorite words in Spanish is las flores (the flowers). The students are sharing about their favorite things in a picnic. The sixth grade students are learning about different types of food in Spanish and how to order in a restaurant. One of their favorite words from this lesson is Buen provecho (Enjoy your meal).
2015-2016 Teacher of the Year: AnnMarie Corcione
AnnMarie Corcione has been a teacher at School One for five years teaching Pre-k through first grades. As a special education teacher she has worked with a variety of students in various settings. At this point her greatest accomplishment has been the ability to help children feel success in the general education classroom. She has developed behavior plans and multi-sensory learning experiences to help them with their academics, emotions, and social skills. She has watched students struggle with letter sounds and then see them put the sounds together to read a word. The moment her students feel success and not frustration, is that "ah ha" moment most teachers wait for.  For this and much more the School One staff is proud to recognize AnnMarie Corcione as our "Teacher of the Year".
2015-2016 Educational Services Professional of the Year: Barbara Costa
Barbara Costa has been a teacher at School One for 16 years teaching various grade levels and is well-respected in her position as a reading specialist for the primary grade levels. Her enthusiasm and expertise in her approach with youngsters who struggle with reading is most instrumental in helping these children meet with success.  Her upbeat and positive attitude is contagious not only with the students that are entrusted unto her care, but also among her colleagues.  She is a true asset to School One. It is no wonder as to why she was selected as The Educational Services Professional of the Year.
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